Summer in the mountains, endless opportunities mindful steps

  • Wilderness Etiquette:
    Respectful Camping Beneath the Stars

  • Climbing in Harmony:
    Tips for Outdoor Ascents

  • Mindful Waterways:
    Paddling Through Mountain Majesty

  • Footprints of Respect:
    Exploring the Mountains with Care

  • Mountain Biking Wisdom:
    Ride Responsibly, Preserve Nature

In summer the mountains offer seemingly endless opportunities of activities, but let’s also be cautious. Wildlife, is vulnerable, especially during breeding season, and our actions can harm the Alpine environment.

So, let’s enjoy the mountains in a responsible way, mindful of our impact on nature.

Responsible Mountain Enjoyment:
Mindful of Nature's Vulnerability

Good Practices

  • Sharing Trails with Grazing Herds

  • Witnessing Alpine Sunrises Responsibly

  • Preserve Alpine Waters: Choose Shade over Splash

  • Happy Trails, Happy Tails - Respectful Hiking with your Furry Friend

  • Keep the Mountains Clean

  • Stay on Track

  • Exploring the Mountains Sustainable: Embrace Public Transport

  • How to use a nature Toilet in the mountains

  • Safeguarding Mountain Wildlife: Keep the Drone Grounded

Be Part of the Mountain

By acting responsibly, you help wildlife to survive.
You become part of the mountain.



quiet zones

Animals need their comfort zones and refuges. Therefore, respect protected areas and quiet zones and do not enter marked breeding areas.

Consider these zones while choosing and planning your tour.


Stay on


Stay on marked paths, recommendedroutes and existing tracks, so that animals can get used to human presence, especially in the forest and along forest edges.

Do not track animals.




Avoid disturbance by behaving and speaking quietly. Avoid setting out in early morning or evening hours. When you see or hear animals, stop and wait to let them escape. Observe them from a distance.

If you have a dog, keep it on a leash, or better, leave your best friend at home for your activities.


Know, evaluate
and reduce your


Your impact on wildlife depends on weather and environmental conditions, species and period of the year.

Get the necessary information and evaluate your potential impact on vulnerable species.See tools below.

Making the right choices: Some help

Here is some further information to help you make the right choices while planning, out on tour or riding.

Planning your tour

Take care of yourself and practise responsibly

And always remember, in the mountains,
we are only guests.